Our Story

Biax Foundations stands at the forefront of reshaping residential foundations in the construction sector. Our commitment extends far beyond providing a competitive option — it's about delivering a sustainable solution while championing Australian jobs, fostering a safe working environment, and enhancing overall quality of life.

In the 1990s, Polystyrene pods were prevalent in "waffle" slab construction, driven by supposed benefits. However, environmental concerns prompted renowned structural engineer Fabio Parodi to envision a superior solution, leading to the creation of the X-pod—now proudly recognised as Biax in Australia.

Biax Foundations is more than an alternative; it's a holistic approach. Our pods, proudly Australian-made and owned, are manufactured in Sydney, embodying our unwavering commitment to Australian manufacturing. Rooted in strength and cost-effectiveness, Biax Foundations invites you to join us in redefining construction practices for a sustainable future that prioritises not just efficiency, but the well-being of our people and our planet.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to redefine the way foundations are built across Australia, fostering a new era of innovative and ecologically responsible construction. By empowering businesses in our industry to choose Australian-made sustainable solutions, together, we build a future where construction becomes a driving force for environmental sustainability.

Our Directors

Jim Prior

Managing Director, Biax Foundations

Jim Prior, a seasoned industry heavyweight with over 30 years of experience in the construction sector, serves as a visionary Director and Owner of Biax. His Biax journey began on trip to New Zealand, where he discovered groundbreaking technology aimed at addressing the environmental impact of EPS polystyrene pods. Recognising the immense potential for a more sustainable solution, Jim brought this innovation to Australia after years of meticulous research and development to tailor it for the local market.

Utilising Holloway Group for contract manufacturing during the challenging COVID years, Jim's strategic approach ensured the product's successful integration into the Australian market. Currently serving as the CEO of Holloway Group and a founder and director of Katana Foundations, Jim Prior's multifaceted expertise and commitment to sustainable solutions continue to drive Biax's mission.

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Matthew Holloway

Director, Biax Foundations

A visionary leader also at the helm of Biax, Matthew Holloway brings over a decade of transformative experience from leading Holloway Group of which he remains an active Director. From seeing huge potential in Biax when Holloway Group was contract manufacturing the Biax pods, to buying into the business, he has joined Jim in Biax's evolution into a dynamic force within the industry.  

Collaborating with Jim, Matthew has played a pivotal role in guiding Biax's evolution into a dynamic force within the industry. His extensive background in manufacturing and injection moulding serves as a cornerstone for the ongoing development and precision of Biax parts, contributing to its standing as an industry leader.

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Fabio Parodi

Inventor & Licensor, Cresco Engineers

Internationally acclaimed structural engineer Fabio Parodi observed the environmental impact of Polystyrene pods in residential slab construction and envisioned a superior solution. After three years of dedicated prototyping, he patented the X-pod, now known as Biax in Australia. Serving as the Executive Director at Cresco Engineers in Italy, Fabio remains committed to Biax's commercialisation, leveraging his structural engineering expertise. Launched in New Zealand in 2018, the "X-Pod" received the NZ Concrete "Best New Product Award" in 2020.

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