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Adam Prismall

“We have been thrilled to partner with Biax in Tassie and the system's impact on our business. Its cost-effectiveness has been a game-changer, providing a solid foundation while optimising our customers budgets. The system's seamless installation process has not only saved our customers time but also enhanced our reinforcing category. With its comprehensive approach, Biax has elevated the efficiency of construction, making it an invaluable asset to the Clennetts business. Biax being an Eco-friendly solution is an added bonus.”

Trade Merchandise Manager
Clennett’s Mitre 10


Shane Lutze 

"We at SJL Consulting Engineers are thoroughly impressed with the innovative solutions offered by Biax Foundations. Their BIAX concreteslab system not only provides a much more sustainable solution, relative to traditional waffle pods, but also simplifies the entire process for efficient design, pod set out and cost estimating, using their Wafflesuite and AUTOPod software.In addition, we find that builders have been very impressed with the easeof setting out the pods during construction and more people are willingto try the system based on the positive feedback so far. With their ever- present support and forward-thinking approach, working with Biax has been extremely positive."

SJL Consulting Engineers


Stephen Harty

"The constant innovation and evolution of the Biax foundation system has allowed for new reach and growth in customer base. The ability to reduce hefty transport costs, and reduce wasted time, coupled with sustainability benefits is a game changer! The Biax team are always at hand to offer support and value partnership for all stakeholders"

Victorian Trade Service Centre Manager
AUSREO Pty Limited.


Luke Pietrobon 

"Biax from a supplier point of view is a fantastic product. A space efficient system that allows us to hold large amounts of stock with minimal yardspace used, also being a recycled plastic polymer wrapped on a pallet means outdoor storage with no fear of water damage.With each pod only weighing 2.5kg each, picking, packing and deliveryare of no concern either. The Biax team are fantastic in their support of promoting the product and getting any technical questions or details to us so we can better help customers and engineers.The Biax foundation system has been a great success for Bianco in S.A with over 1 million in sales for 1 year. We look forward to supply more sustainable, cost saving, polystyrene free slabs."

Kilburn Store Manager
Bianco Construction and Industrial Supplies


Greg McGee

"Ryse Construction is an emerging building company working throughout Southeast Queensland. We specialise in full turnkey investment home packages, built on our own land. A fundamental partof our journey has been careful product selection, with a clear emphasison sustainability and reliability. The Biax foundation system is a perfect fit, utilising recycled plastic pods, reduced transport weight and costs, Australian made, zero waste to landfill and structurally the best slabs I have had the pleasure in delivering during my 40+ years in the industry. All our designs have been prepared ready for the updated NCC requirements so from set downs in wet areas to step free transitions the 300mm low profile design for our H1 site classifications is the perfect solution. The team behind the Biax products are readily available to assist in design, site training and assistance in identifying trade contractors experienced in their system. Our mantra at RYSE Construction is “Considered Homes” and the Biax Foundation System is the perfect business partner for our quality builds."

Building Manager
Ryse Construction


Tom Edwards

"At Final Finish Concreting we have been using Biax for nearly two years,with over 10,000m2 lay we have found the system to be very easy to work with, it is saving us hours of labour on each job allowing us to get more slabs on the ground.The Biax system has been an easy transition for all skill levels compared to other pod slabs and with no cutting or waste, our sites have never been this clean which has aided in us winning more work in sensitive areas and on windy days.With the pods being plastic, our slabs are more consistent in the finish with even drying times and no cracking being found."

Final Finishing Concreting


Rod Harvey

"Biax is quicker to install, we're probably saving an hour or two using Biax over EPS waffle pods, as well as a lot of cost savings per build. The height of Biax pods compared to waffle pods means we're saving costs on concrete as well as site excavation costs, and there is also cost savings with the steel as the enginerring allows for reduced specifications. 
The rib spacing is closer in the Biax Product, meaning there are gains in slab strength. We've reviewed all our slabs poured to date using Biax, and there has been minimal to no evidence of any cracking, including hairline shrinkage cracks- meaning it's durable over time.

Construction Manager

Vogue Homes