Revolutionise Your Biax Slab Drafting with AutoPOD: Automated Precision in Seconds

Elevate your foundation design process with AutoPOD, Biax's cutting-edge CAD software. This powerful tool empowers engineers and drafters to seamlessly create Biax Foundations™ slabs, automating design processes and elevating precision. With its integrated bill of quantities feature, AutoPOD not only streamlines the design phase but also provides material quantity insights. For more information or to acquire a copy of the software, feel free to reach out to us.

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The AutoPOD drafting software is a free AutoCAD extension allowing the drafting of a Biax slab to be done almost completely automatically, eliminating the guesswork traditionally associated with drafting. With a simple click at the corner of your slab, the software swiftly lays out the Biax grid, incorporating adjustments for Mini Pods and Adjustables.

Not only does the tool complete a Biax layout in minutes, once the layout is complete a full slab summary can be calculated with a single click. Scheduling all Biax components, concrete volumes, concrete/ screw pile counts and main steel components.

This tool cuts the drafting for slabs down in half whilst also providing a more comprehensive pod design and design summary. All block designs are customisable and can be adjusted to your firm's design.

AutoPOD is currently an AutoCAD extension only and can be only used on the full version of AutoCAD. We are looking to expand this into other drafting software and will update this page and your engineering firms once confirmed.  

If you would like to gain access to the AutoPOD tool please fill out the below information for a Dropbox link to be sent to you with full tutorial videos on how to step up and use.

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