Elevate precision and efficiency in structural assessments with Wafflesuite

Introducing Wafflesuite: Our specialised three-dimensional finite element analysis software for Biax FoundationsTM. Unlike traditional methods, Wafflesuite employs advanced waffle raft on mound analyses, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in structural assessments. For more information, visit https://au.wafflesuite.com/

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Wafflesuite is a three-dimensional, non-linear finite element analysis software. It runs a waffle raft-on-mound analysis as opposed to a two-dimensional beam-on-mound analysis such as SLOG does for traditional waffle pods.

Wafflesuite allows engineers to run a detailed calculation on the slab in minutes. Wafflesuite also has a range of other sources of information, including numerous section details that can be downloaded and used as PDF and DWG, a white paper that was prepared to outline the key differences between a traditional waffle and a Biax slab.

To access Wafflesuite, simply visit www.wafflesuite.com and sign up as a company at no cost. Upon registration, you'll have the opportunity to review the Calculation Methodology Document, addressing queries related to code compliance and more. It's important to note that Wafflesuite has undergone thorough and independent peer reviews, available in the Wafflesuite resources tab.

The Biax system, and Wafflesuite, were invented and developed by Fabio Parodi, a well-distinguished structural engineer who is based in Italy where his company, Cresco Group, is based. They are a worldwide engineering firm with extraordinary pedigree.

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